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What has Greg been doing lately ? (1)

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We got multiple reports of Greg being in Europe these last few weeks. We’ll try and make a recap’ so everyone gets an idea.

At first, Greg was seen at Eurobike late august. He was hanging around the TIME booth as the picture shows. Greg was with his close friend Patrick Chastagner who works for PR at TIME bikes.
Picture courtesy of Time Sport

Greg and Patrick go a long way as Patrick was Greg’s personal mechanic back in the days. He was already riding with Greg in Megève for the Time-Megève-Mont Blanc. In fact, Greg was riding a TIME bike there.

Then Greg went to Spain for the 1st stage of the Haute Route Pyrénées. Not only did Greg show he was getting back in shape, he also got a warm response from the crowd of riders, as this video suggests.

The next days Greg went to The TIME factory in Lyon. He is seen here with his friend Patrick and the head of the Saint-Etienne soccer team, Roland Romeyer. Greg is wearing the jersey of the ASSE, in support of the “Coeur Vert” association. This charity organization lead 42 members of the ASSE to ride from St Etienne to Paris, gathering 42 000€ for cardiac surgery research. For the occasion, TIME produced the green finish you can see on the picture.
Picture courtesy of Time Sport

Now, what Greg exactly did at the TIME factory is anybody’s guess but, given the persistent rumors of a new LeMond bikes line, it leads to speculations, of course. One of the things that seems appealing from this company is that their frames are not built in Asia but in France. For riders it is certainly a bonus point. Having a 3.000€ bike frame carrying the same “made in Taiwan” sticker than the one on a plastic toy made for 0.3€ is a major let down. Furthermore, TIME has affiliates in… Edina, Minnesota, in the U.S., a place we all know is very precious for Greg LeMond.

With a little luck, we will know more at Interbike in Las Vegas.

Last stop on Greg’s Euro-tour was actually a return to the Pyrénées for the last stage of the Haute Route. Greg was seen cheering the riders on the finish line. No doubt he had a blast, as he always does when cyclists are involved.
haute route finish
Picture courtesy of Haute Route


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