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La Vie Claire jersey & shorts replicas


We are introducing a new category in our blog : Dress like Greg LeMond ! Out of the many cycling kits Greg ever wore, we invite you to the La Vie Claire dress-code : Mondrian fans suit up !

Greg rode for La Vie Claire from 1985 to 1987 which means he won his first Tour de France in this team. The replicas we’re talking about cover the years 1984 (Beware ! Greg never wore this one ! He was still with Renault back then) and 1985 for the jerseys, 1984-1987 for the shorts.

The La Vie Claire jersey might be the most iconic cycling jersey ever made. It is not only popular but it also stands as a symbol of its era. Cycling in the 80’s = the La Vie Claire jersey.
lvc jerseys2
By way of consequence, there were many imitations, variants then bootlegs of this particular kit. We’ll probably deal with the original jersey in another blog entry.

As of today there are 3 jersey replicas, more or less official, available on the market.

LOOK is manufacturing a “Heritage” line. It is not a replica of the LVC team jersey. It uses the same design, but the jersey is free of any sponsor except, of course, Look.

Click here for the link.

I do not own this one but I do have the shorts :

Click here for the link.

It is not exceptional in terms of quality but good enough. The Look logo is, of course 100% accurate BUT the Citroën logo is nowhere to be seen and the band under the logo is white on both sides. The vintage shorts had a white band on one side and a grey band on the other. Close enough, but not entirely satisfactory.

MARCARINI, who are known for manufacturing jersey replicas without any kind of authorization, sell a 1984 LVC jersey replica (never worn by Greg). I do not own one but I saw one at a Marcarini booth in Compiègne at the start of Paris-Roubaix. To be honest, it looks very accurate. Given that Marca’s replicas are made by Noret, the quality is OK.

Click here for the link.

I have not seen the shorts they are offering. But logically it should be the 1984-1985 replica, all black with a white Look logo.

PRENDAS CICLISMO have issued a 100% official 1985 LVC jersey replica, made by the original manufacturer, Santini. I do have this one. Let’s be honest : that is one gorgeous jersey. Quality is very good, the fabric being light and cut by today’s standards. Accuracy is very good too, although I would have liked a darker red.

Click here for the link.
lvc 85 compare
The Santini replica is on top. Red is lighter, grey is darker the original (bottom). The collar is also different

Also available : a long sleeves jersey. This is not just a long sleeves jersey, it is much warmer than the short sleeves jersey, so I’d say it’s a mid-season jersey.

Click here for the link.

Shorts are nice but unfortunately, Santini did not get the permission to use the Look logo so they replaced it with “Wonder” which is another sponsor of the team. Branding policy leads to us fans unable to have an accurate LVC shorts, sadly.

Click here for the link.

You can complete your kit with totally inaccurate socks & gloves. Prendas also sell a cap. The cap design is accurate but the Mondrian band is made of plastic, not of fabric, which makes it impossible to wash (unless you want a white cap-believe you me. I tried). Might I add … Prendas are undoubtedly 100% cycling nuts, they offer a top notch service and  answer every one of your inquiries nicely, promptly and in a very professional way.
Now it’s up to you. Send us your pics wearing those La Vie Claire clothes. Do this to our mailbox, send a private message to our facebook page and/or Twitter @LeMondFans. We’ll publish them.

By Nicolas – @NL_LeMondFans


4 thoughts on “La Vie Claire jersey & shorts replicas

  1. for LaVieClaire jerseys and bibs

  2. There were more variations in the La Vie Claire jerseys than just the three in the 85, 86 & 87 photo above. For example, in the Coors Classic, the jersey had a picture on the back and a yellow arrow on the right shoulder. I have pictures of Lemond and Hinault and other team members wearing those other La Vie Claire jerseys.

    • Thx for your reply. You’re absolutely right. The Coors Classic jersey was even personalized with the name of the rider. I have a picture of Greg in the Coors Classic where you can see his name on the back of his jersey. La Vie Claire had even more special jerseys. In the Tour de France of 1986 they had the Wonder battery pack on the back. You can see that jersey in our collection gallery here on the blog. In the Tour of Switzerland 1986 they had another sponsor on the jersey. Mobel Marki, a Swiss furniture store. The reason we only talked about the 3 jerseys shown in this article is because these were the basic jerseys during the 3 seasons.

  3. Could anyone confirm please – did the LOOK branding ever appear on the La Vie Claire jersey, or was it just the shorts?
    Thanks in advance.

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