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A beast on wheels. After having pleasure riding the Washoe from LeMond Bikes for a few months, we shared our thoughts on this bike with a fan made WASHOE REVIEW.

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21 thoughts on “HOME

  1. LeMond Z team TVT production bikes: I just acquired one of the LeMond Z team TVT replica bikes. It is not a genuine team bike, but rather one of the production ones they sold back in approximately ’91. It is all original, but came to me without a seat and it has incorrect bar tape.

    I have studied threads and photos of the team bikes and it appears that the team riders used different seats (Rolls, Regal, etc.). Does anyone know what the replica production bikes came with stock?

    It looks like the old Benotto white tape was the standard on the team bikes. On the production replicas as well?

    Thanks for the help! My LeMond collection is growing…

    • Thank you for your interest in our blog. We’re not sure about a 100% correct answer here but we believe these replica bikes were combined with the Rolls saddle. Same thing for the Benotto tape. Love to hear that you also have a lemond collection. If you’d like to talk about it, please send us a mail (see home page).

  2. Can you share photos of your collection?

    • There is allready a collection gallery on our blog showing our jerseys and other items. We have plans on sharing more by writing an article about it. Pictures will be often published in new articles but it’s impossible to put everything on the blog. It’s too much😉

    • Sorry for the late reply. Photos are in the works.

      • Hey…I also have a team Z tvt production bike…it rides really nice!!! I have it in my “Lemond Shrine” with the team z jersey…musette bag…cap…and a huge framed campagnolo poster of Greg riding in the tour in his team Z kit on the TVT bike…I am also going to the near future…the limited edition world champion tvt bike…was wondering if those purple and yellow lugs Greg had on his bike were painted on or actually another process at the factory to make them that color….ps…does anyone know where I can get a poster of Greg on his world champion TVT bike?

      • Hello Joe. Thanks for your reaction. I will answer your question about the poster. The only world champion poster I know about is this one . It’s apparently for sale. I guess there’s another one labeled with “Intensity” but it’s not for sale anymore. Good luck on your search. We’ll ask around for your other question about the painting.

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to say I really enjoy the blog. Keep up the great work. I noticed that Prendas Ciclismo is selling replica ADR kits from 1989. Check it out.

    Thanks again!

  4. Thank you very much for the tips on the poster!!!!

  5. Hi guys, thanks for the blog. I used to be the rep for Roland Della Santa, Greg’s first coach and mentor as well as his frame builder and proponent of the laid-back geometry in frames. Typified by slack seat tube angles (longer top tubes). This was also the prototype which was used and manufactured by TREK corporation when they contracted to make the LeMond frames and bicycles. I think we can all thank the poor Winter in the Sierra-Nevada mountains in 1976 as having been partly responsible for launching the cycling career of Greg LeMond (he was a free-style skier up until then). I have also been a photographer in the sport of cycling during those days in the 80’s and have a few images of Greg that graced magazine covers during that period as well. Trying to dig them up for you too. The Huffy he had decals for in the 1986 Coors race was actually a Della Santa too. But you know how sponsors are! Much like the Windsor decals that appeared on Eddy Merckx’s DeRosa in Mexico City for the Hour Record ride.

    • Hi Philip. Thank you for your comment on our blog. It’s great seeing people that have been in de business during Greg’s years take a visit here. We’re looking forward for those pictures. You can mail them to our mail address . We’re very thankful for that. Keep posted. We will post more on this blog after the summer. Now you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We’re updating our social media every day with the stories of Greg 30 years ago.

  6. This is a great site, I’m glad I found it! I’ve been a Lemond fan ever since I first saw him race on tv in 1984 when I was just 13 years old. It’s a shame that he doesn’t get the respect he deserves here in the U.S., and it doesn’t surprise me that it was 3 Europeans that created this site. I will be following the site and Facebook page in the future, keep up the good work!

    • Hi Joaquin. It’s true Greg deserves more respect. We’re trying to help him with that by making the history back alive. We want to share the stories with our readers. Glad you like our blog and facebook page. Keep following us.

  7. It seems to me that a little remembrance of something twenty-five years ago is in order today:

  8. Hi, I’m off topic.

    Can’t seem to find what I’m looking for… Does any of you guys know if the La Vie Claire winter hat seen in the film Slaying the Badger (29:30 min) is being sold anywhere?


    Martin, Denmark

  9. Just found your blog. Fantastic site. A few years ago Colorado cyclist was selling autographed posters of Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong right after his first tour victory. LeMond being my inspiration for becoming a cyclist was the first poster I purchased. My wife suggested buying both. For some inate reason I declined buying the Armstrong poster. Good thing. It’s worthless now. My signed Lemond crossing the finish line at the 1989 Worlds is priceless. Gilbert

  10. Great site, chapeau! I’ve been a Greg fan ever since the mid 80’s when us UK cycling fans had no televised races and followed the sport in magazines. 1982 Worlds silver medal at Goodwood is my earliest memory, and when Channel4 televised the Tour from 1985… there was something about him…don’t know if it was the personality/character behind the Oakleys rather than being a cold machine, or willingness to innovate or what. Was lucky enough to see him in the flesh at Le Tour in England in his last participation in ’94, day before he climbs off. Keep up the great site!

  11. It was pretty cool to find your fans of lemond site thanks for giving him the credit he deserves a true sports man! Oh you should start selling those fans of lemond tshirts I would buy one!!

  12. Hi. I have a poster signed by Greg
    Its a 1989 final tt shot in front of arc de triumph
    Any way u may know how i might be able to verify authenticity?
    Thanks…. Off to spin class!

  13. How and where can I post some photos of my LeMond bike collection?

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