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LeMond strikes back


September 18, 2013. Somewhere in Europe.

19:00 PM. Looking at Twitter.  Searching … “LeMond”, “LeMondbikes”, … Nothing yet.

19:05 PM. Another search. Nothing. Mmm… Time for diner.

19:30 PM. A tweet from Scott LeMond.

19:31 PM. Twitter exploding with tweets from visitors of the LeMond booth at Interbike.

I’m opening Facebook and start the daily chat session with my fellow Greg LeMond Fans, Albert and Nicolas. Both of them were actually doing the same thing as me, searching on Twitter. We start sharing the pictures of the new bikes. “Wow, these are nice”. “I want the 1990 one”, “Look at the inside colors of the frame”, “Scott answered my question”, … We go on for a while.

A week ago Time Sport and LeMond Bikes proudly announced they would manufacture 3 new editions of LeMond bikes. The bikes were planned to be introduced on Wednesday September 18, 2013. The 3 Greg LeMond Fans and a lot more people were looking forward for this day. That’s what social media told us.

Our first quick impression based on an overview of the booth was that there was no difference between the 3 bicycles. “They’re all black and yellow, but where is the difference ?” From the outside the bikes almost look the same. A nice black color combined with a very familiar yellow accent on the top tube.  But the models become more personal when you get a closer look. Like a book that is opened the bike reveals a story on the inside of the carbon frame.

The 1986 edition tells the story of the 1986 Tour de France. Greg won that Tour before Bernard Hinault but he also won the Combiné jersey as best allround rider. The jersey contains pieces of all the classification jersey. A jersey combined with yellow, green, red, white and polka dot parts. The bike shows the same colors on the frame. Just like it wears that specific jersey.
blog 86 edition
The 1989 model contains a yellow purple color as a reference to the ADR jersey of the 1989 team he was riding for that season. Even the bicycle used in that Tour has some similarities with this new jewel. A Tour de France that was the most exciting in history of cycling.
blog 89 edition
And then there is the 90 edition. A frame containing the same color scheme as the bike Greg used during his last victorious Tour de France of 1990.  Even the little Z logo on the front fork is a nice reference to the Z team Greg raced for.
blog 90 edition
But what about the king himself ? The bikes are a gift for all cycling fans. There’s no question about that. But for us the man himself deserves even more attention. A man who’s reputation was damaged by people who never believed the thruth he was telling and dropped him as a “nobody”. As a result of this battle he was forced to stop manufacturing his wonderful LeMond bikes.

September 18, 2013 would be the day of vindication for a man who suffered too much trying to help the sport he loves. Just like Art Garfunkel’s Bright Eyes quotes “How can the light that burned so brightly suddenly burn so pale?” Greg LeMond was a broken man.

But he stood up, raised his head and fought back with the help of his family and friends. His name is back in business and his reputation is going in an upwards direction. That’s what we, Greg LeMond Fans, love about this bike release. The personal part of it, the stories they tell, the positive vibe for the LeMonds. The world is talking about him in a positive way.

And so the king who once ruled the world, spoke to his people and took a seat in his throne. We are sure about this … LeMond strikes back.
23:00 PM. Seen enough. Going to sleep with a big smile.

By Thierry – @TM_LeMondFans


2 thoughts on “LeMond strikes back

  1. I had a LeMond Zurich as my first road bike, and it thoroughly spoiled me for all road bikes. I had to buy another brand that shall not be named, because it drove LeMond out of business. No other bike matched my Zurich, and I just counted myself lucky that I got to ride one at all. And now it looks as if I will have a second chance! Can you tell me when I can buy one?

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