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Greg’s 50th anniversary

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On June 26, 2011 Greg LeMond became 50 years old. This was a special day to him so we decided to give him a special present. First we did a brainstorm about what we could give to a cycling champion. We agreed to create a special album containing pictures and comments showing a message about how we feel and think about his career. We worked hard on this and started gathering the necessary items. We decided that each of us had 7 pages including 1 page with a personal message. The other 6 pages containing pictures and comment. The book had an introduction and a final “Happy birthday” page. On June 17 we started working on it and after midnight the result was a nice album of 27 pages. The book was sent to Greg’s home address in the U.S. . Hoping that our gift was well received by our hero, we were anxious about a good reception of it. So we decided to ask Greg if he got the book. Guess what …

Reaction facebook november 2011


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